Why Zoom?

Do you often experience the situations below?


Read typical customer stories and then download and experience how Zoom helps you organize and simplify your PowerPoint life.
You often create new presentations from existing slides. Now you need to find this one slide that you made for the presentation last month. You know what’s on it but you just can’t remember where you saved it.


See a gallery of all your slides in Zoom and even mark your favorite ones. Enter a search phrase to pick out your slide from all your presentations in seconds. Then assemble a new presentation by simple drag and drop.

You want to email a few slides to a colleague but the slides are in different presentations and PowerPoint always messes up the formatting when you try to copy them into one file.


Simply select the slides in Zoom and click ‘Email’. Zoom will create the file for you and make sure that all slide formats are preserved correctly.

You want your team to use a certain set of slides for presentations and make sure that everybody always has access to the latest version.


Label the slides you want your team to use in Zoom and share this information with them. Or use self-updating Virtual Files that even save storage space. Zoom will make sure that everybody’s database is always up to date.

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